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Virtual Prayer Box

8th January 2021

The doors of the school are closed at the moment, but we are always open. For those who feel there is no one listening, we are here to tell you that we are. If you have any prayer concerns or requests, for yourself or someone else, please let us know anonymously. Father James, our School…

Co-curricular provision continues at Abbot’s Hill 

7th January 2021

At Abbot’s Hill we believe that additional clubs and activities form a vital part of our pupils’ education. Not only that, they are an extension of our classroom based activities. As a result, they are just as important to continue throughout this period of remote learning.  Within 24 hours of the government’s announcement, a timetable…

A Clan Challenge that celebrates heritage at Abbot’s Hill 

6th January 2021

Did you know that, at Abbot’s Hill, the girls are placed in a Clan System rather than Houses. From Reception through to Year 11,, the pupils are placed in one of three Clans; Cameron, MacDonald and Macneil. Our Clan system harks back to the heritage of the school founders: Miss Katrine, Miss Alice and Miss…