Senior Exam Results

Abbot’s Hill pupils consistently achieve incredible results at GCSE which opens the doors to Sixth Forms and further study. We take pride in the remarkable value-added score that many of our pupils achieve, attaining higher grades across their subjects compared to the national profile of pupils of the same ability. Furthermore, pupils are clearly stretched as we significantly outperform the national average for the top grades (7-9). This underpins our knowledge that at Abbot’s Hill, potential is nurtured and excellence is cultivated.

2023 Results

Abbot’s Hill School is elated to share the GCSE success of the class of 2023. In an era where metrics dominate narratives, we remain resolute in our philosophy: journey over destination, thinking over memorising, creativity over conformity and passion over pressure. The individual journeys, dreams, and aspirations of our students are paramount.

Nevertheless, the achievements reflected in the raw data cannot be overlooked. An impressive 95% of all GCSE grades this year ranged between 9-4 (formerly A*-C), compared to the national average of 68%. An amazing 42% of all grades were between grades 9-7 (formerly A*-A) compared to the national average of 22%.

Head of School, Kathryn Gorman: “For this cohort of Abbot’s Hill students, today’s results represent a fantastic outcome. They were in Year 8 when the covid pandemic disrupted their schooling but, despite the challenges they have faced, they have risen to the challenge and should be very proud of their achievements. It has been a privilege to see how they have blossomed into young people of character who will now leave Abbot’s Hill and head on to a wide array of 6th Forms and Colleges to continue their educational journey: I wish them every success. I am delighted for the students, their parents and the teachers, all of whom have worked so hard to achieve these results”

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