Our Heritage

The world is far from perfect, and it is only going to be the words, actions, and values of young people today that will make a difference tomorrow.  Our strength is in our diversity, in bringing together different backgrounds and experiences to learn from each other.  Every individual story at Abbot’s Hill is celebrated, and together we are one big team.

We are proud of where we started, and in 2012 we celebrated being a school for 100 years.  In 1912 three incredible women – Alice, Katrine, and Mary Baird – opened a boarding school for girls in an old family home called ‘Abbot’s Hill’.  The Scottish roots of the Baird sisters are reflected in the Black Watch Tartan of our Uniform and in our Clan System. Clan events, such as our annual Clan Music Competitions are hotly contested. From there, we grew. In 2003 we stopped being a boarding school, but that sense of family spirit, of belonging to something, has never left.  We have been a force for change in our history, and it is now our job to make a difference in the future.  That’s where you come in.

We are blessed with 76 acres of beautiful space; space to play, space to learn, space to compete, and space to breathe in an often-breathless world.  Our diversity, our heritage, and our togetherness will help us make change in our world a reality.