In the Prep School every day is action-packed with new subjects, new specialist teachers, and opportunities to try new things.  There’s also the chance to be a leader and have your say in how your school works through the School Council.


We equip pupils with strong spoken and written communication skills and galvanize an appreciation and love of reading from the earliest ages. Areas of focus include spoken language, reading and comprehension and creative writing.

Humanities and our environment

Geography and history are taught as separate subjects from Year 3. Pupils work both independently and collaboratively on topics which extend their knowledge of social, economic and political events and trends through time and across the globe. Educating our pupils about the world and its communities of people is very important to us, and this is reflected in the rich and diverse humanities curriculum.


Pupils learn French from Pre-School Reception, and French and Spanish from Year 3.

An enjoyment of speaking other languages is very much the focus with language learning in the Prep School. Pupils are taught key skills in listening, speaking and reading through games, songs and activities. Workshops are arranged to bring the language learning to life and girls are also taught about cultural celebrations, artists and traditions from France and Spain.

Creative and Performing Arts

Art, dance, drama and music are taught by specialist teachers, who are introduced in Pre-School, with a broad co-curricular offering to further develop passions and talent.

Previous Prep School productions have included Mary Poppins, Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

In Year 5, pupils perform the Shakespeare walk in our amphitheatre.

Physical Education

We aim to instil a lifelong love of physical education and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle from the earliest years, providing fun and engaging opportunities for children of all abilities.

Our core curriculum covers dance, gymnastics, cross-country, swimming, lacrosse, netball, invasion games, athletics and cricket.

Pupils are further able to discover the sports they enjoy through our co-curricular programme.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is embedded in the curriculum in a variety of ways.

Science is taught through a mixture of practical and theory-based learning. From Year 5, pupils benefit from our specialist laboratories.

Design and Technology features strongly in the Prep curriculum, with textile, food and construction projects. Pupils are encouraged to use their creativity to produce unique and individual designs and products. They build on their textile skills over the years to create a broad range of pieces such as puppets, bunting and calico bags. In Years 5 and 6, pupils use the food tech room to produce delicious sweet and savoury food.

All pupils are taught computing, with coding introduced from Year 1. Chromebooks are introduced from Year 3 to support learning across the curriculum.


Our maths curriculum is based on the mastery approach. Maths mastery is a teaching and learning approach that aims for pupils to develop a deep understanding of maths rather than just being able to memorise key procedures or resort to rote learning. We firmly believe that all children are able to succeed in maths, and enjoy it, when they are provided with the appropriate tools and knowledge.

All pupils are taught the same curriculum content but are given different scaffolds, support or stretch in order for them to make progress and move to their next stage of maths learning with confidence.

Personal Development Education

Personal Development Education and Class Time Activities help prepare our pupils for transition throughout the school and beyond. The programme is divided into six key topics: Being Me in My World, Celebrating Differences, Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me, therefore allowing age- appropriate content to be delivered and discussed in a safe environment.

Leadership opportunities are given to every Year 6 pupil through prefect roles and responsibilities tailored to the cohort. Pupils develop confidence and responsibility and the sense of teamwork, friendship and caring across the school is tangible.


Pupils are formally assessed at the start and end of each academic year. This enables us to measure pupil progress year on year. Pupils of all abilities are both supported and challenged within small classes and teachers differentiate their lessons in order to meet the needs of every individual.