Mission, Vision and Values


To foster a community in which all individuals are happy and inspired to live purposeful and fulfilling lives while remaining true to our founding values of strength and character.


A first choice school with outstanding environments in which to work, learn and play. We embrace diversity and provide an education fit for the modern world by challenging everyone in our community to be confident in who they are, develop strength of character and to become active, compassionate citizens who make significant and lasting contributions to others throughout their lives.


We have developed our beliefs and behaviours as a whole community into a set of values and actions that guide our Prep and Senior Schools. Each year, these values are reviewed as a collective community of children and staff to ensure that they reflect our ethos and vision.

2022 – 2027 Strategy

No school can afford to stand still. We see a bright future for Abbot’s Hill, a school which offers so much of value to its pupils. Our plans are ambitious and will enable the school, and its community, to flourish by building on its firm foundation and rich heritage.

Created to give strategic intent to the Governing body, school’s leadership team and wider school community, this document serves to set out our future direction.

Whilst Abbot’s Hill offers a safe-haven, the world is rapidly changing and it is our duty to nurture and equip our pupils to face future challenges and opportunities with courage and confidence.

Mrs Sharon Schanschieff