The Abbot’s Hill Nursery class offers a safe and stimulating environment within our outstanding outdoor space for girls aged three to four years. For some, this is a natural continuation from our Nursery, with others joining Abbot’s Hill for the first time. This time of transition is recognised as an important one in a child’s life, and our staff work closely to establish a strong home/school partnership to the benefit of the individual child.

Each child’s development is unique, and our highly skilled and experienced staff provide a thoughtful structure of adult-led and child-initiated learning opportunities that closely follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Children benefit from specialist tuition from Abbot’s Hill School teachers, with sessions of Music, French and PE, as well as outdoor learning in our bespoke, high-quality Woodland School.

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Abbot’s Hill Reception welcomes pupils from 4+. The Transition to school is a huge step for children and we work in partnership with parents to ensure a smooth transition to school.

Reception pupils follow the EYFS curriculum in a stimulating and inspiring environment, led by experienced and highly-qualified teachers. Emphasis is placed on securing firm foundations in literacy and numeracy, and pupils continue to benefit from specialist teaching in French, Music, PE and Woodland School.

Children in Reception are welcomed into the classroom and choose from our planned fine motor control activities. Adult-led lessons are taught in Phonics and Maths. Children then use and develop these skills during child initiated play. The play in Reception takes many forms, sometimes led by an adult, sometimes led by the children, however it is always used to spot teachable moments and develop language skills.

Children leave Reception at Abbot’s Hill well prepared for Key Stage 1. They are equipped with advanced literacy and numeracy skills, with the majority achieving and exceeding the Early learning Goals.

Years 1 and 2

As the children move into Year 1, the transition from the play-based curriculum is gradual and carefully planned. Teachers and teaching assistants support the children in their learning, with each child being supported and challenged. Children are taught to persevere and take risks with their learning. These skills are vital for developing as an independent learner ready for the challenges of the curriculum.

In Years 1 and 2 a more structured approach to learning is introduced and developed. The curriculum is aligned with the whole of the Prep school. Further specialist teaching in Computing and Drama is introduced and the subjects begin to be taught discretely. Curriculum connections are made to embed learning and give context to concepts and knowledge. Skill development is highly valued and children continue with Woodland School sessions to provide an environment to foster team building, cooperation, perseverance, resilience and risk taking.

Children begin to participate in our co-curricular clubs, which enrich their experience at school and provide opportunities to try something new or gain a new skill.