Everyone has questions about the world.  You might wonder why the sky is blue, what it is that makes something beautiful, or how long it would take to climb the world’s biggest tree.  What matters is what having these questions means.  It means you’re curious – you want to know – and that is something very precious.

The days of just being told things you need to remember are gone.  Abbot’s Hill looks at learning differently.  Learning should be an adventure; jumping from activity to activity to explore as many ideas as possible.  You will learn by playing, learn by listening to others, and learn by trying things for yourself.  What you learn at school should have real value in the world you go on to live in, and that learning means so much more than scores, points, or grades.

Curiosity is where achievement begins.  We give you the ‘map’ of learning – pointing you along the way – but it’s your journey.  Teachers are here to know you, to know how you learn, and to know how to get the very best from you when it really matters; and we’ve got the results to prove it.