The Abbot’s Hill Scholarship Scheme offers stretch and development opportunities, together with a percentage reduction in fees of usually between 5-10% to a small number of entrants each year.

Academic scholarships are by invitation, based on exceptional performance in the entrance assessment. Specialist Art, Drama, Music and Sport scholarships are by application, with assessments held in the January preceding September entry. You can read more about the types of scholarships below.

Scholarship application forms are issued by our Admissions Office.

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Exceptionally-academic candidates, identified from the entrance assessment results, interview and reference from the current school are invited to sit the Academic Scholarship assessments in January/February.


Candidates will:

  • be given a drawing task to complete to assess technical skills
  • need to bring a portfolio consisting of a maximum of 5 pieces of their work, preferably created at home rather than at school
  • have the opportunity to discuss their portfolio with the Head of Art and Design


Candidates will:

  • Participate in a drama workshop with the other candidates
  • Perform a prepared solo monologue of approximately 2 minutes (monologues will be provided to choose from in advance).
  • Have the opportunity to share their passion for drama or musical theatre.


Candidates will:

  • Audition with the Director of Music, in their chosen instrument(s) or vocally
  • Instrumentalists should be minimum grade 4 level or equivalent. In exceptional circumstances we will consider candidates who are currently learning two instruments and have reached grade 3, or equivalent, in both.


Candidates for the specialist sports scholarship should play in their current school’s A netball team. Additional sports such as tennis, dance and gymnastics are welcomed, and must be played to a high standard. Successful candidates will be expected to prioritise School sports clubs and fixtures over external sporting commitments and to attend the Abbot’s Hill co-curricular sporting programme, representing the School in a range of sports.

Candidates will:

  • Participate in an endurance run, agility test and a timed sprint; they will also be assessed on netball ability and participate in a field lacrosse session.