Scholarships for entry to Abbot’s Hill School in September 2024

The Abbot’s Hill Scholarship programme supports, encourages and develops excellence, whether it be in academic, creative or sporting fields of endeavour. Each year, the School makes available several scholarships and exhibitions to recognise and reward exceptional candidates in academic study, the creative and performing arts and sport. Students who hold an award are expected to work hard and contribute positively to school life. Many will go on to bring their talents to bear on the wider world as well.

  • Scholarships at Year 7 (11+) entry

Academic (STEM) and Academic (English)

Scholarships are awarded annually based on entrance examination results and interview results. All candidates who sit the entrance examination (ISEB pre-test) are automatically considered for an academic scholarship. There is no additional scholarship examination. Scholarships are available to internal and external candidates. There are two types of Academic Scholar: a STEM scholar and an English scholar. More than one award of each type may be made annually.

Music, Art and Design, Drama and Sport 

At Year 7 entry, scholarship opportunities exist across the creative and performing arts. Assessment days take place shortly after the entrance examination and comprise of an opportunity to meet staff and take part in activities designed to inspire and excite potential scholars.

The Baird Scholarship (All Rounder)

Candidates will be invited back to interview based on the results of the ISEB pre-test as well as performance in the specialist scholarships (Sport, Art and Design, Music, Drama). They will be expected to show how they embody our school values: kindness, authenticity, involvement, curiosity and challenge

  • Scholarships at Year 9 (13+) and Year 10 (14+) entry

Music, Art and Design, Drama and Sport

At Year 9 and 10 entry, a small number of scholarships are available in Music, Art and Design, Drama and Sport. In addition, for new joiners into Year 9 and Year 10, candidates who perform highly in their entrance test will be considered for an Academic Award.

  • Scholarship Assessment Dates for Year 7 (11+) entry:

Sport, Music, Art and Design, Drama, Academic (STEM) and Academic (English) Scholarships – Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 January 2025
(One scholarship subject assessment per day – The precise day/date for each scholarship subject will be published during the Summer term 2024)

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 10 December 2024

To apply, please complete the form below.