Senior School Pupils

Pastoral Care

In the Senior School, Form Tutors and Heads of Year are responsible for the pastoral care of pupils. A dedicated team is in place to support Year 7 pupils to ensure they make a smooth transition to Senior School. This begins in the summer before the girls start, where we run an Induction Day for the new year group. This enables the girls to start to get to know each other, meet the Year 7 Tutors and find out more about the different subject areas. We also organise a picnic for new Year 7 families in the school grounds and Year 7 start the term a day before the rest of the school in order to familiarise themselves with it.

Each Year 7 class has a Year 11 Mentor to help guide them through the first year of life at Senior School. Mentors will help the new girls find their way around, give advice on tackling homework, ensure girls are making friends and generally act as a sounding board for advice and information.

From Year 8, there is a dedicated Head of Year for each cohort who stays with them for the remainder of their time at Abbot’s Hill. This means that each pupil becomes very well known to staff so that any concerns are quickly dealt with, the appropriate level of challenge and support is given to each pupil and parents are kept up to date with their child’s progress.

Every pupil and member of staff is a member of Clan (House) developing a sense of belonging which facilitates encouragement, support, interaction and friendly rivalry across the age range.

A wide range of nutritious food, home cooked by our in-house Catering Team is provided for pupils; an optional Breakfast Club is available whilst all pupils have a choice of mid-morning snacks and a varied lunch menu suited to the needs and tastes of all pupils.

Our Surgery, located in the Main House and staffed by a fully qualified School Nurse, provides medical care to Prep and Senior pupils who may be unwell during the school day, and also provides first aid for minor injuries.

In this nurturing atmosphere girls thrive, finding and developing their own unique talents. They grow naturally in confidence, are happy to embrace new challenges and eagerly take on increasing responsibilities. They leave Abbot’s Hill extremely well prepared for the next stage of their education, with self-awareness, intellectual curiosity, resilience and compassion – attributes essential for success and fulfilment in their future lives.

 “I am truly grateful for the help my daughter receives. The growth in her self-esteem and confidence is testament to a very unique and special school environment.” – Abbot’s Hill School parent