Exam Results

Abbot’s Hill Year 11 pupils deserve to be congratulated for an excellent set of GCSE results today.

The turmoil and uncertainty caused by the events of 2020 will live long in the memory of our Year 11 pupils. Despite all the uncertainty, they leave us today with pride – with over 90% of pupils securing their first choice 6th Form destination. In total 59.6% of grades were awarded a level 7-9. There are some outstanding individual success stories and 36% of this remarkable cohort achieved a level 7 or above in 8 or more subjects. A fifth of the cohort achieved 7-9s in all their GCSE subjects while two pupils achieved level 9s in 10 GCSEs. A remarkable achievement.

How were the results determined?

Much will be written and said about the national GCSE figures this year. At Abbot’s Hill we are confident that our grading was fair and honest. The schools’ academic team was meticulous in preparing CAGs and followed Ofqual’s advice precisely. We duly submitted our assessment of the pupils earlier this summer in lieu of the cancelled examinations. Further to the Ofqual announcement on Monday 17 August, GCSE pupils have received grades awarded based on this centre assessed performance (or the adjusted result calculated by the exam board – whichever is the higher grade). 

Abbot’s Hill girls achieved:

– A 100% pass rate with 99.7% of grades at 9-4

59.6% of all grades at Abbot’s Hill were at the top grades of 9-7

Headline figures (%)

Kathryn Gorman, Head, said, ‘Throughout lockdown and into their final term, we have been impressed by the hard work and determination of this year 11 cohort. Their GCSE results are a measure of this determination, not through exams but through the monitoring of their progress over their senior school career. What we must recognise is that each pupil supported the decision to stay at home and save lives during the lockdown period. And our school community is grateful for their forbearance.

We are thrilled that so many girls have been rewarded with impressive results that will enable them to progress in their education at a range of leading Sixth Forms and Colleges which have offered them places.  We wish them all the very best for their future studies.

As a non-selective school, we are able to watch our pupils grow and develop into high performers, at a pace that is right for them.’

What is without doubt is that all our pupils worked, hard, for these grades. When the ‘clock stopped’ only weeks away from their examinations, they stood firm in the most unusual of circumstances. While GCSE results are a much anticipated milestone in their academic journeys, these pupils are known to us for so much more and throughout this time they have demonstrated the qualities that will enable them to succeed and thrive beyond our school walls: resilience, strength of character and ambition. While we know this is not goodbye, we congratulate them and wish the Class of 2020 all the very best in the future.