We endeavour to foster an exciting environment at all levels in order to stimulate curiosity and interest in the Sciences. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately by a subject specialist. These individual Science subjects are taught in purpose-built, well equipped laboratories in small groups; the department also has laptop computers and data logging equipment for the use by the pupils.

We deliver a teaching and learning scheme which provides well designed studies of exploratory and investigative Science, and gives a valuable educational experience to all pupils. This provides opportunities for candidates to:

  • acquire a systematic body of scientific knowledge and develop an understanding of Science including its strengths and limitations
  • develop experimental and investigative abilities
  • develop an understanding of the nature of scientific ideas and activities and the basis for scientific claims.

In Years 7 and 8, the pupils study a compressed KS3 curriculum and have an hour per week in each Science discipline. The work is practical experiment based and pupils have the opportunity of attending a weekly Science or STEM club.

Pupils begin their GCSE Science course in Year 9. In Year 9 pupils have one and a half hours per week in each Science discipline leading to two hours per week in each for Years 10 and 11. The top set follow individual Science GCSEs at an accelerated pace and other  pupils study Dual Award GCSE Science.  Therefore all of our pupils either gain two or three GCSEs at the end of the GCSE course. Either route feeds into AS Science courses in Sixth Forms.

In the past academic year our pupils have visited Rothamsted Research facility in Harpenden which is an independent scientific research institute that has the longest running agricultural research station in the world. Year 8 have visited the Science Museum in London to explore Space Travel and learn more about Space exploration and Year 7 have gone to Whipsnade Zoo to study adaptation in animals.

Aside from the curriculum trips described above we have had pupils represented at the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry at the University of Bedfordshire, Salters’ Chemistry Camp at the University of Cambridge; Space School at the University of Surrey and numerous entries for the national Biology Challenge including pupils who gained commended, highly commended, bronze and silver awards.