Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Department encourages girls to understand the ways in which different religious beliefs and values are expressed and to communicate their own ideas about religion within a sound moral framework. Girls feel secure to express their own opinions and join in general discussion.

Responsibility for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils runs across the whole school but RS has a significant contribution to make to their development. Religious Studies specifically encourages personal development in addition to intellectual growth. Girls become aware of a wide range of personal experiences and the importance of these to believers and non-believers.

Religious Studies promotes a pupil’s:

– Spiritual development through recognising and valuing their own spirituality, reflecting on and  questioning their own and others’ life experiences and beliefs.
– Moral development through understanding moral dilemmas, the difference between right and  wrong, consideration and concern for others, recognising personal obligations, making reasoned  and informed judgments.
– Social development through understanding and appreciating religious communities and their  activities, respecting differences, being a responsible citizen
– Cultural development through developing a sense of belonging to and engagement with local,  regional and national cultures, learning how to appreciate difference and diversity,  recognising common values which cross cultures.

At Abbot’s Hill School, all girls study RS in Years 7-11 and take a short course GCSE. Pupils can also opt to study for a full course GCSE. At present, we are following the OCR GCSE course studying ‘Beliefs and teachings’, ‘Relationships and families’ and ‘Dialogue between religious and non-religious beliefs and attitudes’.