Information and Communication Technology

ICT is a popular subject at Abbot’s Hill School. There are four well-equipped ICT suites, one situated in the Junior Department and three in the Senior Department.

The schemes of work for Years 7-9 are based on Computing, developing theoretical and practical understanding of the topics, including programming skills, with a particular focus on computational thinking. From Year 10, ICT is offered as a core or optional subject.

The core ICT programme currently follows the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) which is a vocational qualification that helps to advance their computer skills. The optional ICT is the OCR Computer Science at GCSE course, further developing their understanding of computer systems and skills in problem solving and programming.

Fully networked computers are located in all curriculum areas throughout the School for use by staff and pupils alike. Pupils also have filtered internet via the School network.

Interactive whiteboards, projectors, scanners, digital cameras and other peripherals are available in appropriate curriculum areas throughout the School. Peripheral needs are under constant review to keep pace with technological advances and the growing needs for ICT across the curriculum and within the subject itself.

Pupils throughout the school are given the opportunity to develop their practical ICT skills and knowledge through a variety of assignments and learning experiences. Pupils are also encouraged to look at the wider impact of ICT on society including legal, social and moral issues.