History is an exciting and popular subject at Abbot’s Hill, with many girls choosing the subject as one of their GCSE options. The study of history is vital in developing an understanding of Britain and the wider world. Through investigating the past pupils gain an understanding of where they have come from and of the key events which have shaped the world. We aim to provide thought-provoking and challenging lessons which allow pupils to interpret the past for themselves. The key aim of the History Department is to fire an enthusiasm and curiosity in pupils to find out more; extra-curricular visits provide support and stimulus for the syllabus material.

The study of History at Abbot’s Hill School ensures that pupils develop:
• chronological understanding;
• knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes from the past;
• historical interpretation skills;
• historical enquiry skills;
• organisation and communication skills;
• an appreciation of how the study of the past can help us to shape a better future;
• skills to ensure success at the highest possible level in history and across the curriculum, for example through the development of literacy, numeracy and ICT;
• enjoyment in learning historical skills and knowledge.

Years 7-9
Pupils investigate the key social, political and religious changes in Britain from Medieval times to the 20th Century. The course also explores events beyond Britain: the Crusades, the Atlantic Slave Trade and World Wars One and Two.
Investigations are enquiry based and examine the personalities and characters who represented their time, as well looking at key events, trends and changes in history. Excursions to support these topics currently take place to Warwick Castle, Bletchley Park and the Battlefields of the First World War.

Years 10-11
The GCSE course in Years 10 and 11 is varied and interesting. The Medicine in Britain unit provides pupils with an excellent grounding in chronological and thematic understanding, as well as an opportunity to explore elements of change and continuity in history. Students will also undertake a depth study of World War One Trenches focusing on treatment of wounded soldier. Events are explored in depth in the other three units. These are the American West, Early Elizabethan England and The USA throughout the Vietnam War. Pupils are able to develop their skills in source analysis and evaluation throughout the units of study.