The English Department aims to provide a broad, balanced and exciting English education that suits the interests, needs and abilities of all girls who come to Abbot’s Hill School.

We see English as central to all experiences. We love the richness, variety and subtleties of our language. It can inform, persuade and manipulate us; move, challenge and disturb us. Language provokes thought and deepens understanding. We believe that language empowers the individual and it is our aim to help our pupils to become independent thinkers and to help them to find their individual voice.

We aim to offer a comprehensive variety of styles of teaching and learning to encourage active involvement for all pupils and to aid in the development of responsible, independent learners. Our wide range of resources and detailed programmes of study enable our students to appreciate the work of writers from our literary heritage as well as those from other cultures and traditions. Non-fiction and media texts are explored, helping pupils to become confident readers and authors in many contexts.
Pupils are taught how to adapt their speech to suit a wide range of situations. Drama is used as a tool throughout lessons to bring concepts to life and encourage an imaginative, empathic response. The importance of grammar, punctuation and spelling is recognised throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, as is the role of drafting in improving pupils’ work. Personal reading time ensures each lesson promotes independent reading, with a programme of reviews created to develop the interests and experience of all pupils.

The English department also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Regular theatre trips and workshops aim to stretch and challenge the students’ ideas about the ways in which the English language can be used to explore and express ideas. In addition, students are invited to be part of the School Magazine editorial team, as well as participating in creative writing and debating clubs, and weekly book discussion groups.

Overall, English at Abbot’s Hill provides a rich and varied curriculum, which we believe fosters the creativity, clarity of communication and independent thinking skills required to be a successful student across all subject disciplines.