Media Studies

Media Studies is an exciting and interesting option that is offered to pupils at GCSE level. As different media become part of our everyday lives through television, radio, social networking sites, newspapers and advertising, it is important to appreciate the power and influences these have over us.

There are two Controlled Assessments for GCSE, totalling 60% of the final mark and one examination, which is the remaining 40% of the terminal grade. Pupils study how female characters are represented in the romantic comedy film genre; how characters, camerawork, editing, mise-en-scene and soundtrack create action adventure films and produce an advertising project for a new product of their choice using original photography.

Media Studies is integrated into English lessons in Years 7-9 (Key Stage 3), with the study of different forms and genres, which includes non-fiction texts; how novels relate to their film versions; BBC School Report; still image and moving image analysis.

With equal emphasis on analytical skills and creativity, Media Studies has consistently proved to be a popular and rewarding subject of choice.