Dance as an art form contributes to the aesthetic development of all pupils. It is both physical and expressive and promotes fitness and well-being. Dance also supports learning across a range of areas; students develop confidence, self-esteem and are sensitive to others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Pupils study a variety of Dance forms including contemporary, street, salsa, physical theatre and Lindy Hop. They learn to appreciate professional dance works both live and recorded. Pupils are encouraged to participate in the Gym and Dance Display which occurs biennially.

At GCSE level, Pupils are allocated five hours of Dance over two weeks which comprises theoretical and practical based tasks. The course covers:

  • Performance 30% – Set phrases through a solo performance and duet/trio performance
  • Choreography 30% – Solo or group choreography. Task set by the examining board in the final year
  • Dance Appreciation 40% – Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills, critical appreciation of own work and critical appreciation of professional works

Pupils are encouraged to see a wide range of live performances and trips are organised throughout the two year course. We also offer a GCSE Dance Club after school, where girls can work on their assessed pieces. A Dance Showcase allows students to perform their GCSE performance and choreography pieces and this happens on alternate years to the Gym and Dance Display.