Art and Design

Art and Design are vital forms of communication and self-expression for individual and cultural development.

The Art and Design department encourages active learning by providing opportunities for creative growth and developing pupils’ ability to think, perceive, make decisions and problem solve. Our results at GCSE reach a high level and our exhibitions of work are diverse and inspirational.

Classes in Year 7, 8 and 9 are taught in small mixed ability groups. Each group has one lesson in the Art studio and one in the Design studio every week. GCSE groups have five hours of Art and Design overall.

Practical and technical skills, techniques and processes are developed through wide-ranging projects, covering technical drawing and painting, printmaking, textiles, theatre design, jewellery, installations, collaborative murals and three-dimensional design. Projects are flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of pupils. There is a very strong focus on Art History and pupils are encouraged to write about and express their opinions on art.

Pupils are encouraged to become visually perceptive, and able to make informed judgements about their own work, as well as the work of others.

The department is very well resourced, and high quality materials are used to extend the aspirations of dedicated and enthusiastic pupils. The installation of the new Apple Mac computers has opened the doors for students to develop their ICT skills and utilize the design software programmes offered.

Gallery visits are an integral part of Art and Design. There are opportunities for students to feel inspired, extend their learning, raise their cultural awareness and provide students with an enjoyable experience.

There are a range of opportunities to explore Art and Design beyond the curriculum including an Art Club, our Big Art Week and Fashion Shows. The inspiring GCSE Art and Design Exhibition allow GCSE students to showcase their work to parents and the rest of the school.