Trips and Activities

Throughout a child’s time at Abbot’s Hill opportunities arise to explore the world beyond the classroom door. Educational visits are an integral part of the teaching programme for all year groups and are arranged to art galleries, theatres and museums to support the classroom learning.

Years 5 and 6 both enjoy residential trips away with their peers. For Year 5 their adventure has in recent years taken them to the Grafham Water Centre in Cambridgeshire where they focus on team building and working collaboratively. Year 6 spend a week during the Summer term in Normandy with ample opportunity to extend and use their French.

In the Senior School, we offer day trips to France and residential trips to the Isle of Wight and Spain. There are also geography field trips and a History trip to the battlefields of Northern France.

We also organise regular workshops, day trips and lectures and participate in regional events and competitions such as Rotary Chef, Holocaust Memorial Day and Salters’ Chemistry Festival. Every year, Year 9 pupils take part in BBC Young Reporter, creating their own news website on the BBC consisting of pre-recorded and live news broadcasts.

See our news items for information on recent trips and activities.