Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The chance to participate in and achieve this highly prestigious Award is offered in Years 10 and 11, and the vast majority of the girls take up the challenge.

Year 10 pupils enter at Bronze Level. This involves participation in four sections: Volunteering, Skills, Physical and Expedition. Examples of Volunteering include helping with a local Brownies or Guides group, volunteering in a charity shop, visiting the elderly or helping at playgroups. Improving Cookery, IT or Librarianship skills, playing a musical instrument and singing in the choir are examples in the Skills section and any sport counts for the Physical section. The Expedition is often seen as the highlight of the Award. Long distance hiking, overnight camping and outdoor cookery are all vital components – as is getting wet and muddy!

In Year 11, many girls choose to take the Silver Award. This follows the same format but is undertaken for a longer period of time and the Expedition section is more challenging. Both Expeditions usually takes place during the Easter holidays.

Girls can carry on to do the Gold Award after they leave. Many schools do not offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and some are not able to offer the Gold Award, so we fill the gap. Expeditions are offered on Dartmoor, the Isle of Arran and in the Alps. All paperwork is completed through Abbot’s Hill.

The girls who take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award  find it an extremely worthwhile activity and perhaps more importantly great fun!