Pastoral Care

Abbot’s Hill is proud of its reputation for exceptional standards of pastoral care. Throughout the school, positive relationships and a strong sense of community underpin the outstanding academic and personal development of our pupils.

In the Prep School, the sense of being part of an extended family and caring community, coupled with the care and dedication of the staff means that children are provided with an environment in which individuality and relationships are nurtured. Children are known, not only by their Class Teacher, but by the whole community from School Secretary to Catering and Grounds staff. Positive relationships with every member of the community are encouraged as they learn to interact with not only their peers, but those older and younger than themselves.

Every pupil and member of staff is a member of Clan (House) developing a sense of belonging which facilitates encouragement, support, interaction and friendly rivalry across the age range.

A wide range of nutritious food, home cooked by our in-house Catering Team is provided for pupils; an optional Breakfast Club is available whilst all pupils have a choice of mid-morning snacks and a varied lunch menu suited to the needs and tastes of all pupils.

Our Surgery, located in the Main House and staffed by a fully qualified School Nurse, provides medical care to Prep and Senior pupils who may be unwell during the school day, and also provides first aid for minor injuries.

In this nurturing atmosphere pupils thrive, finding and developing their own unique talents. They grow naturally in confidence, are happy to embrace new challenges and eagerly take on increasing responsibilities.