Reception and Infants

Children enter Reception at 4+. For some this is a natural continuation from our Nursery, for others they join Abbot’s Hill for the first time. This time of transition is recognised as an important one in a child’s life and staff work closely to establish a strong home/school partnership to the benefit of the individual child.

The curriculum within Reception follows the EYFS framework, adding opportunity and experience to this as appropriate to individual children. Emphasis is placed on securing firm foundations in literacy and numeracy. French, Music, PE and ICT are taught by specialist teaching staff.

Infants (Years 1 and 2)
A more formal approach to learning is adopted as girls progress into Year 1. The curriculum is broad and balanced and individual progress within this is continually monitored. The teaching staff, including our Classroom Assistants, work closely drawing upon each other’s strengths and expertise to the benefit of the children.

The Infant Department has its own Library which is constantly being added to. Girls are encouraged to foster a love of books and reading. This includes borrowing books to use in the classroom, or to take home, as well as through their progress in the reading scheme.