Juniors (Years 3-6)

As girls move into Year 3 they move into the Junior Department with its own buildings. Pupils continue to work in small classes supported by dedicated and experienced teaching staff and are set in some subjects. High fliers are stretched and extra support is given where needed. Increasing use is made of specialist facilities and of teaching staff from the Senior School. There is a Junior Library and importance continues to be given to the place and value of reading within the curriculum

Leadership roles in Year 6 develop confidence and responsibility and the sense of teamwork, friendship and caring across the school is tangible. The curriculum is enriched by a wide variety of trips and activities and our extensive extra-curricular programme offers opportunity and choice for everyone.

The final two years of a girl’s time at Abbot’s Hill Prep are seen as a period of preparation for the transition to senior school and girls are subject taught throughout their week.