Good news! Abbot’s Hill is expanding! Year 6 to have three classes in 2021-22.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

A letter of announcement from Kathryn Gorman, Head.

Dear reader

Many of us across the sector have seen a rise in interest during this Covid-19 pandemic, despite initial fears to the contrary this time last year. We are in a position where interest in our school is rising.

In order to accommodate this rising interest, we are piloting the introduction of a third class in Year 6, initially for the academic year 2021-22. We have spoken recently with our staff and parents and I am now pleased to be letting you, our wider audience, know about this development.

We see this as an exciting stage in Abbot’s Hill’s evolution. It is gratifying indeed to know that the school is in demand. I wanted to write to reassure you that this will not have an adverse impact on the number of available spaces in Year 7 for external candidates. If necessary, we are able to expand our intake at 11+ and will proudly retain our inclusive ethos. As I move into my second year of Headship at Abbot’s Hill, the school goes from strength to strength. I very much hope the relationship between our schools will do the same.

We are very much looking forward to coming back to school next week. I wish you well with the return. Once life has resumed some kind of normality, I would be delighted to welcome you for a lunch, to reflect on the year just gone and what the future has in store for us.

Yours sincerely

Kathryn Gorman