Physics Partnership Day

Friday 23 February 2018

On Thursday 8 February, we welcomed teachers of science and technicians to our Physics Partners workshop. The day was a collaboration between Abbot’s Hill School, Physics Partners and Dulwich College and was attended by 17 teachers and technicians from across 8 local state schools.

Physics training sessions were run throughout the day, with two parts covering the required practicals for GCSE physics. The sessions also covered how to run the practical elements of the course with minimal resources; improving or refreshing subject knowledge for difficult topics, as well as addressing gender issues in co-educational schools to encourage full participation of both male and female pupils.

Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to network and share experiences, including further ways to collaborate in further to share expertise and equipment.

Mrs Naila Bachour, Head of Partnerships and teacher of science at Abbot’s Hill said, “The day was a great opportunity for sharing of ideas.  Experimenting with different equipment helped teachers to see how they could use resources in their classrooms.  There was an appetite for sharing and everyone went away with ready-to-use resources provided by Dulwich College, Physics Partners and Data Harvest who kindly sponsored the event.  It was reassuring to see how all schools have similar challenges and how these could be overcome.”

We are planning a follow up session and are looking forward to becoming a larger community for those teaching science in the local area.