Each class has a brand new timetable which has been designed to maximise pupil learning across a range of subjects and topics for the younger pupils. Teachers will use their expertise to decide which method, or combination of methods, is most appropriate for each lesson. We will endeavour to ensure that any set tasks or activities can be carried out and completed independently by pupils, although we fully appreciate that some pupils may require additional support. 

We understand that our young pupils may find it difficult to remain engaged in learning tasks for the whole day, so each day’s afternoon activity will be more fun, practical and child-centred. It is also intended that these activities will encourage learning away from electronic devices.

On Friday afternoons your child will have an opportunity to participate in a live Google Meet session with their child’s teacher. This will encompass some recap of the learning that week, circle time and story time.

Please do not worry if any learning is not done on a given day at a given time. We suggest a timetable to help you plan the day. However your child is still very young and we understand that it will not always work. Please just submit tasks when you have had the opportunity to do them. Feedback will be provided on all work.



Year 1