The Magic of the Theatre

Posted: 22nd March 2023

The Abbot’s Hill Theatre is always a bustling place. Today it is particularly busy, it is the tech rehearsal for Matilda. Abbot’s Hill is very lucky to have an incredible Theatre Manager, and while he is presently rushed off of his feet, we thought we’d write something to explain why we value why him and the role so much.

We want to build a school with enriched cultural experiences and create a vibrant arts community, and having a Theatre Manager allows us to do this. Our Theatre Manager brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the school’s arts program, from his deep understanding of the technical aspects of theatre production, such as lighting, sound, and set design, to his keen eye for talent and artistic direction. For many pupils, being in a show is a memory to treasure, and having the right technical tools to showcase their abilities helps to make it more unique and professional. Employing someone in this role also helps demonstrate the arts’ high-level importance to the community.

In addition, a theatre manager can help schools to leverage the power of the arts as a tool for education and personal growth. By incorporating theatre and the technical side of it into the curriculum and offering opportunities for students to participate in productions, schools can help students develop important skills such as teamwork, communication, and creativity.

Perhaps most importantly, though, our Theatre Manager is a perfect representation of our values. He is kind, ambitious and curious. So if you’re looking to take your school’s arts program to the next level, consider hiring a theatre manager. But hands off ours!