Abbot’s Hill compete in National Schools Outdoor Open Ski Race

Posted: 18th May 2021

Two teams from Abbots Hill competed in the National Schools Outdoor Open (South) Ski Race.

The National Schools Snowsports Association event was well attended with 80 skiers from the region and we managed to avoid the rain with Abbots seeded for an early start. Abbot’s Hill entered two teams captained by Rosie C, Year 11:

A Team: Rosie C, Year 11, Jemima C Year 8 and Cassandre P, Year 8

B Team: Lucia C O, Year 8, Katie U, Year 8 and Ava S, Year 4

All the girls did extremely well with Abbots Hill teams coming a respectable overall 7th place combined. It was so lovely for the girls to get back to competing for school once again.