Year 5 Science & Art Day at Abbot’s Hill

Posted: 4th May 2021

Looking to the future: A familiarisation day for Year 5

Each April, we take our Year 5 girls on an adventure in the Senior School, with opportunities to engage with different subjects,  meet senior teachers and quiz the current Year 7 on their Senior School experiences.

Starting the day in Science pupils took part in a forensics workshop investigating a missing lab coat using finger printing and chromatography to solve the mystery.

“I really enjoyed finding fingerprints because you can see your finger pattern. I learnt that only 30% of people have my fingerprint in the world. Also I never knew what different fibres looked like!” said Saskia.

In the afternoon the pupils headed over to the Stable Block to create their own versions of seascapes. Using masking fluid and then flooding the space with ink to create some ocean inspired masterpieces. 

As well as the chance to explore the facilities in the Senior School, Year 5 had a Question & Answer session with current Year 7 pupils who made the transition last year from Prep.

“I think that today really helped me and I am looking forward to year 7 and the rest of the senior school!” exclaimed Caitlin.