Prep School Admissions

The usual age for entry to Abbot’s Hill Prep is Rising 5 (Reception), or 7. Admissions are usually in the Autumn Term. Children may also enter the school at any other stage provided that there is a space available. This may be at the start of a term or part way through a term.

There are no formal assessment, interview or testing arrangements for entry into Reception. Children are invited to the school for a session or a day’s visit to allow them to familiarise themselves with the school’s surroundings. This also provides an additional opportunity for questions to be answered.

Entry for Year 1 – Year 6
We shall contact you during the year before the proposed entry date shown on the Registration Form.

Once registered we will contact you to arrange a two day visit for your daughter and then ask your child’s present school for a reference. The two day visit takes the form of a taster day and an assessment day, on both occasions girls have the opportunity to spend time with their peers, familiarise themselves with the School’s surroundings and experience life as an Abbot’s Hill girl.

The Offer of a Place

The offer of a place at either the Prep School is at the discretion of the Headmistress of Abbot’s Hill who will take fully into consideration a child’s record at her previous school (where applicable), the recommendations of their Headteacher and the results of the entrance assessment. The offer of a place does not depend on the date when a child’s name was registered.

If your child is successful in the admission procedures for the Prep School and there is a vacancy, a place will be offered by letter. Places at Abbot’s Hill are offered only after assessment and interview. An Acceptance Form* will be sent to you and the place can be accepted by completing the Form and returning it to us with your deposit of £1,000, £500 of which will be credited towards your first term’s bill. Scholarships are subject to some additional terms and conditions which are notified (where applicable) in an Award Letter.

* The Offer Letter and Acceptance Form give rise to a legally binding agreement which takes effect when the Acceptance Form and deposit are received by the School. Parents should note that on accepting a place they become liable for the first term’s fees if they subsequently do not take it up.