Using the menu below, please review the different sections to familiarise yourself with any adjustments to the school day from September 2020. If you have any questions at all, please contact Sharon Doyle at

From September 2020 until such time that we are able, Senior parents will not be allowed onsite. This is for the safety of our whole community. Measures have been put in place to ensure that our children are welcomed into school.

In the Senior School the Common Rooms will not be open to Y7-10 as they are being used as Y11 classrooms. Each Year group will have a base for their lessons and an outdoor area to use at break time and lunchtime:

Year 7: MFL classrooms and Library (Main House) and Front lawn

Year 8: Maths classrooms (Main House) and field near outdoor gym equipment

Year 9: English & RS classrooms in Davison building and field in front of that building

Year 10: History and Geography rooms in the Stable Block and the courtyard and grass area behind G1 as their outdoor area

Year 11: Common Rooms and grass area in between the Rose Garden and Science block

Start and end times

Pupils can be dropped off between 7:40am and 8:10am.

The school day will end at 4:30pm.

Pupils travelling home by bus will depart school at 4.30pm

Pupils travelling home by car will be released from school at 4.45pm. Please follow the pick-up procedure below.

After school supervision until Friday 18 September will end at 5:30pm at which time pupils must be collected or take the late bus home. From Monday 21 September, when clubs commence, after school provision will end at 6:00pm as usual.

Drop-off and pick-up


Buses will drop off at their usual time. Pupils must leave the bus or their parents’ car swiftly and follow the designated pathway (with directional arrows) to their Year group base or the Dining Room if they are having breakfast. 


Pupils travelling home by bus will depart school at 4.30pm

Pupils travelling home by car will be released from school at 4.45pm. Please follow the pick-up procedure below.

There are no extra-curricular activities for the first two weeks of school so pupils staying for prep will be supervised in their Year group base. Only when the parent has texted their child to say they are on site can the child leave the Year base. They exit using the one-way system and go straight to their parents’ car. Parents must social distance at all times from each other and staff. We politely ask that masks are worn if possible and that parents leave the premises quickly without congregating in the car park.

Parents should ring Main Reception for school to call the Year group base for pupils who do not have mobile phones or if the pupil does not respond to the text message. 

When clubs begin, pupils attending these will be allowed to leave the Year group base promptly and head to the venue following the one-way system in place in that area. Pupils staying for prep will then be supervised in the Library and the Dining Room – different Year groups will be segregated within that space.

Pupils catching a school bus must leave their Year group base using the one-way system and line-up by their bus following Social Distancing guidelines and the protocol  as outlined in the coach section below.

Car parks – parents must not arrive on site for collection before 4.45pm as we need to give time for the Prep girls to leave the area and time for the school buses to leave. If you have a daughter in Prep and Senior, you may of course arrive for the earlier pick-up time. Please display your daughter’s Year group on the dashboard to aid the car parking attendants. Please do not get out of your car unless you have a pre-arranged appointment in the school.

After School Club pre-booking information

After school clubs will not run for the first full two weeks of term and then will be reviewed. Please review the Clubs tab for further information. 

Breakfast and lunch arrangements

Breakfast club will be in the Main House as usual.

Lunchtimes are staggered:

  • Y7: Will go for lunch in the Dining Room at 1.15pm
  • Y8: Will go for lunch in the Marquee at 2.00pm
  • Y9: Will go for lunch in the Dining Room at 1.35pm
  • Y10: Will go for lunch in the Marquee at 1.35pm
  • Y11: Will go for lunch in the Marquee at 1.15pm

Lunch will be served by catering staff into disposable containers.

All children must bring a named water bottle, which they will need throughout the school day. They will be able to re-fill their bottles as required.