At Abbot’s Hill, we aim for each and every pupil to enjoy regular participation in curricular and extra-curricular sports. We realise that performance is enhanced by confidence, happiness and a sense of wellbeing and we strive to instil a life-long love of physical activity in all of our pupils.

Our expert teaching and coaching staff are able to provide specialist tuition to both groups and individuals guaranteeing that every girl receives the right level of training she needs to make progress. Whether developing our elite performers or encompassing the Government’s vision of ‘Sport for All,’ we strive to ensure that all abilities are catered for and that everyone is challenged, extended and encouraged to meet and exceed her potential.

We recognise that sporting excellence and inclusivity are dependent on the provision of coaching and competition outside of normal school hours. As well as lunchtime and evening coaching, we maximise the opportunities open to the girls by offering an extensive programme of weekday, weekend and holiday fixtures and tournaments. We have a structured programme of activities offered by external coaches and co-ordinated by the PE Department to ensure provision across all areas of interest and activity. Participation is encouraged for everyone, not just our elite performers, and we often field, where possible A, B and C Teams across the age groups at each competition. We run a comprehensive system of movement, balance and co-ordination lessons in conjunction with our Learning Support Department and run an Elite Athlete Programme to cater for those pupils who are at the elite level within their chosen sport.

Our excellent indoor and outdoor facilities, including four lacrosse pitches, approximately 70 acres of land providing scenic cross country and multiple-sports fitness training, outdoor swimming pool, sports hall, dance studio, all weather netball and tennis courts, enable us to offer multiple sports, simultaneously, for different age and ability groups across the school. They also allow us to offer an extensive and diverse range of co-curricular sport and fitness activities alongside those taught in timetables lessons. Close relationships with some of the UK’s leading specialist sport centres, including the Snow Centre and Athletics track also mean we can bolster our portfolio by offering activities such as skiing, trampolining and golf to the girls within a very short distance of the main site.

Since the Baird sisters founded Abbot’s Hill, there has been a strong ethos of providing an individually tailored educational opportunity wrapped in a nurturing family environment and this is exemplified by the PE Department’s approach to the development of a holistic and inclusive sport and fitness programme. Outstanding performances in athletics, equestrian events, golf, netball, lacrosse and skiing have witnessed individual and team successes against some of the UK’s toughest competition and excellence in disciplines such as cross country, lacrosse and skiing have seen individual pupils rise dramatically through the national rankings.

Above all, our approach to sport and our overall ethos mean that, as well as spotting and developing outstanding talent, our staff possess the specialist knowledge, personal experience, passion and creativity to ensure all girls benefit from the obvious advantages of regular participation in sport. As a result, our pupils leave Abbot’s Hill as charismatic, confident and empowered performers with a sense of genuine pride, sportsmanship, self-worth, happiness and achievement they will carry onto university and beyond.

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