Returning to school will inevitably bring some joy and excitement and also some worries for our pupils. Starting a new school or new year can be difficult in unusual circumstances but we are aware that the added pressure of being out of the school environment for five months may bring additional worries.  

We will continue to provide as much stability, support and care for your children as possible. Their ongoing wellbeing remains our highest priority.

Pastoral Needs

Pupils will be provided with regular pastoral support by Class Teachers, Form Tutors and Heads of Year as relevant. Online counselling and face to face counselling will be provided for all pupils that need support by contacting eimpett@abbotshill.herts.sch.uk  or counsellorcarrie@abbotshill.herts.sch.uk  

We will signpost the best service and/or offer regular check-ins for pupils.

The Pastoral Hub will be managed by Mrs Brooks. She will be based full time in the pastoral Hub and will be involved in setting up Pastoral Action Plans with the Deputy Head, Pastoral  to support the pupil’s needs. She will also facilitate appointments to see the counsellor and support the children if they have concerns. 

If your child has separation or transition anxieties, please contact Miss Impett and Mrs Hardy to discuss these concerns. Most anxieties manifest themselves in some of the following ways:

  • Trouble sleeping or having bad dreams
  • Tummy aches or generally not feeling well
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Exhibiting signs of being clingy or tearful
  • More frequent meltdowns that seem out of character

Pupil  Absence

If your child is unwell and cannot attend school please contact absence@abbotshill.herts.sch.uk before the start of the school day. Please provide full details (name, year group including class/form) and nature of illness. If you or your child is shielding or is quarantined please email Miss Impett eimpett@abbotshill.herts.sch.uk who will set up a virtual meeting so that we can discuss ways to support your child.