Young Enterprise Trade Fairs

Thursday 24 January 2019

Last term, the Senior School Young Enterprise team held successful trade fair stalls.

“On Saturday 1 December, we held our stall at a Young Enterprise trade fair at the Hatfield Galleria. The day involved setting up an attractive trade stall and selling our product to the general public. Our product was beautifully, handmade mugs which we had created earlier in the term.

Before the trade fair, there was much preparation to do. We had to create an eye catching banner, a board displaying photos of our mugs and other decorations to make our trade stall stand out.

While we were setting up, we noticed that there was much competition with other Young Enterprise businesses selling equally unique products (many who were Sixth Formers!). However, we felt confident that we could persuade the public to buy our product!
We soon realised that we needed to gain people’s attention so we started approaching the people asking if they would be interested in our product. Not only did we need to convince the public but the adjudicators also. The adjudicators were clearly impressed with our product as we won the Sustainability Award!

The day after, Young Enterprise held another stall at the Abbot’s Hill Parents’ Association’s Christmas Market where we had more success selling mugs. Many people filled in our feedback forms and we are looking forward to using this to improve our product in the future.

Overall both days were a brilliant experience and we learnt many skills including talking to the public, organisation and persuasion. Well done Geminus!”

By Lucy, Year 10