Years 4 and 5 Religious Studies Workshops

Thursday 5 March 2020

On Tuesday 3 March, the Year 4 and 5 classes enjoyed RS workshops to consolidate their learning from the classroom.

Year 5 had a Sikhism workshop and Eleanor, in Year 5, reported that, “In the workshop we enjoyed finding out about the 5Ks: Kesh (uncut hair), Kara (a steel bracelet), Kanga (a wooden comb), Kaccha (cotton underwear) and Kirpan (steel sword). We learnt about the life of Guru Nanak: how his life began, his early years, his disappearance and how he became a Guru. We had great fun dressing up in their cultural clothes, including trying on a sari and a salwar kameez.”

Year 4 had an interesting Judaism workshop and the girls put their English skills to good use by putting Jewish vocabulary into sentences. They eagerly shared stories from the Torah and thought about how Jews worship today. The girls particularly enjoyed covering the story of Pesach (Passover), where they focused on the meaning of the foods on the Seder Plate. Reflecting back on their lives, they made their own Seder plate which they included what was important to them in their life. In addition, they got to play the Hanukkah game, dreidel, and had great fun working with their friends. The girls were amazed to find so many links from Judaism to Christianity and discovered the roots of Judaism.

Some of the Year 4’s said:

Delilah – “It was really fantastic and I loved seeing how Jewish people prayed.”

Lucinda – “It was a super morning of fun activities.”

Ishita – “We learnt so much more about Judaism.”

Thank you to Cathy from RE on Demand for providing these engaging workshops.