Years 4 and 5 complete Rocket Car K’Nex Challenge

Monday 10 February 2020

On Monday 27 January, the Prep School enjoyed an assembly led by visiting speaker, Mike Ford from Bloodhound Education, to introduce the Bloodhound Land Speed Record rocket car.

Following this assembly, Years 4 and 5 took part in a K’Nex challenge to build and race their own air-powered cars! They worked in teams to plan and then build their designs, which needed to travel as far as possible across St Nicholas House Hall.

The rocket cars were built with a sealed tube within them which acted as the rocket, before being launched using compressed air. The tube needed to be secured so that it would propel the car successfully.

The winning team for Year 5 was Team 8 comprising of Eleanor, Sophie G and Milan with a length of over 12 metres, and the afternoon Year 4 winners were Team 2, made up of Lily, Ishita and Lexie, who won with a distance of 11.2m!

All of the girls had a great time and all received Bloodhound wristbands, the winners were presented with prizes of KNex mini kits.

Many thanks to Mike from Bloodhound Education for running the sessions and for his entertaining and informative talk.