Year 9 watch ‘The Woman in Black’

Friday 1 December 2017

On Tuesday 28 November, Year 9 headed to London to watch the production of ‘The Woman in Black’ at the Fortune Theatre. The coach bubbled with excitement on the journey there!

As we entered the theatre, there were a few spare moments to admire the architecture and the atmosphere.

The entire production steadily rose in tension, with the talented actors surprising the audience countless times – for example, when they began to argue, the atmosphere completely transformed. The enthusiasm from both the actors and the audience made for an entertaining performance for us, as well as the other school groups and members of the public.

During the second half of the play, friends cowered behind each other, laughing at themselves after each fright, especially at the times where there were sudden screams made by either the actor or the recorded sounds. It made us laugh, scream, and then laugh some more!

By the end, the thundering applause was well deserved, and certainly another surprise that definitely gripped our hearts for a split second… But we won’t spoil it for you!

The aftermath was a buzzing excitement, gushing over the talent and performance that was witnessed mere moments ago.

Thank you to the English Department for organising this spine-chilling trip, inspiring a new love for plays in some, and giving something to enthuse about for days afterward in others! It was absolutely an astonishing afternoon.

By Elizabeth A, Year 9