Year 9 watch ‘The Woman in Black’

Friday 6 January 2017

On Tuesday 13 December, Year 9 attended the Fortune Theatre to watch ‘The Woman in Black’. The play has been running for 27 years!

“In English lessons throughout the term, Year 9 had read and analysed the spell-binding and bloodcurdling novel by Susan Hill, so we were fully aware of the exhilarating tale.

Arriving at the theatre, we were all excited about what we were about to witness. The play had a twist at the beginning that startled us but surprisingly fitted in with the story. Throughout the performance there was lots of shocks and moments of great tension!

Overall, the play was brilliant with the two actors drawing the audience in and letting our imagination run wild.

After the performance we all headed back to the coach and travelled home eagerly telling each other what we thought about the play. On behalf of all of Year 9, we would like to give a huge thank you to the amazing actors who allowed us relive the gothic tale and to our brilliant English teachers who organised and escorted us on this trip.”

By Melissandre and Ina, Year 9