Year 9 pupils watch ‘The Woman in Black’

Friday 7 December 2018

On Tuesday 27 November, Year 9 went to the West End to see The Woman in Black. All of us had already studied the book so we knew what to expect. However, we were all intrigued about how different the book would be compared to the play. Despite the fact that we had been told by other pupils that it was terrifying, we set off with our spirits high!

As we arrived at the theatre, even though the play hadn’t started, the place looked small, menacing and scary! The set was very simple with sheets draped over the props and a box in the middle of the stage. The beginning was fairly dull as it wasn’t frightening at all! Quite impressively, there were only two actors performing all the roles – except for the ghost of the woman in black, of course, who glided silently onto the set and stood glaring at us all!

Gradually, the tension began to mount and came to a peak just before the interval. Lighting was used cleverly to create further leap-out-of-your-seat moments and the sound effects were petrifying with really loud screams. Let’s just say, Abbot’s Hill girls weren’t the only ones screaming, with members of the public also showing how afraid they were!

The twist at the end of the play is chilling and we would recommend that you go and see The Woman in Black if you enjoy a good ghost story and an atmospheric setting.

By Hannah and Abigail G, Year 9