Year 9 NPL Water Rocket Challenge

Wednesday 17 July 2019

On Wednesday 19 June, the Year 9 Young Engineers attended the NPL Water Rocket Challenge in Teddington.

We had a fun time designing and making the rockets beforehand, and we were very pleased with our t-shirt designs to wear on the day. Our team was Hydra 21.

When we arrived, we were greeted and received a welcome pack containing a hat and a water bottle. Our rockets were examined to make sure they were safe and our equipment was assessed. We then set up our launch pads, ate our lunch and we watched a big water rocket launch attempt. Unfortunately, it flopped!

When the teams were all set up and ready, we launched our first rocket. It landed in the A section which scored 15 points. This was added to the time of flight in the air in seconds for the total score. Our next rockets were launched in the following rounds and one went in the B zone (30 points) and the other failed to score.

We wrapped up a raw egg and built a compartment for the egg to sit in for the ‘eggstra’ challenge. Ours did not survive this and broke! The other Abbot’s Hill team (H2O) were successful and their egg survived intact.

Although Abbot’s Hill did not win anything, we all had a great time!

By Alicja, Teresa and Imogen, Year 9