Year 9 BBC Young Reporter

Friday 8 March 2019

On Wednesday 6 March, a group of Year 9 girls took part in the annual BBC Young Reporter day. As always, the day was a great success!

The BBC runs this event annually to encourage more teenagers to get involved in the news and television industry. It is a UK-wide scheme aimed at students aged 11-18. The reports are accessible to people worldwide.

To take part in BBC Young Reporter, Abbot’s Hill pupils had to submit a letter of application to Mrs Ahmad, Head of Media Studies, outlining their preferred role on the team and explaining why they would be a suitable candidate for their chosen position. The roles included presenters, reporters, journalists, camera-women, sub-editors and an overall editor.

Not only did the BBC Young Reporters perform fantastically on the day, but they had worked hard over the previous five months, researching and writing news stories, recording interviews with guest speakers and attending weekly team meetings in preparation for the big day.

The day itself was exhilarating. It involved writing, filming and editing breaking news stories and uploading them onto the BBC’s Mixital website. It was a huge team effort and the girls really enjoyed taking part in this fantastic opportunity offered by the BBC!

Well done to the team: Freya – Editor, Isabelle – Deputy Editor, Millie, Hannah, Olivia M, Charlotte R – Presenters, Katie, Abi, Abigail, Jiya, Alicja, Teresa – Reporters, Charlotte M and Jessie – Camerawomen.

All of the girls came together to create a series of articles and news reports which can be seen below:

Ambulance Responses in Rural Areas

Advances in Technology

Knife Crime in London

The LGBT+ Homeless

Trampoline Parks

Period Products

Coral Bleaching

Plastic in the Ocean

Struggling in Schools

Mental Health

Seen and Heard Charity

Blood Brothers Production


World Book Day


Booby Traps

Facial Blindness

Gaming Addictions