Year 9 attend Holocaust Memorial Event

Monday 13 February 2017

On Tuesday 7 February, Year 9 visited a synagogue in Watford as part of a Holocaust Memorial Event. We had been studying the Nazis and the Holocaust so it was a good opportunity to supplement our understanding of this period of time.

After we arrived at the synagogue, we were presented with a short video showing many people who suffered in the Holocaust and other genocides because they were discriminated against.

After the clip, we heard an introductory talk from the Rabbi, the leader of the synagogue, about what we were going to do that day. We were then split into groups for a workshop, where we discussed the dates and other elements of the Holocaust, such as who started the Nazi party, who was involved and the Nuremberg laws.

We were lead back into to the hall and we were lucky enough to meet a lady who survived the Holocaust and was with us today to talk about her experience. Her name was Frieda and we had the opportunity to  listen to her story and to ask her questions, we had to listen very hard as she had a strong French accent!

We then had a final talk from the Rabbi and we gave Frieda a gift of thanks. We also got to write her a postcard, telling her how amazing she is and how thankful we were.

Overall, this was a great experience. We had a really interesting day and learnt a lot about a very difficult period of history.

By Mhairi, Year 9