Year 8 Geography trip to the Isle of Wight

Wednesday 27 April 2016

On Tuesday 19 April, Year 8 travelled to the Isle of Wight to study tourism, rivers and coasts. The girls enjoyed a mix of practical geography, ICT and adventure activities. They enjoyed sunshine for three out of the four days!

The group stayed at the PGL ‘Little Canada’ Adventure Centre near Ryde, where they were able to enjoy abseiling, climbing, aeroball and flying through the air from a great height on the giant swing. The adventure activities helped the girls develop their teamwork skills and, with the encouragement of their peers and teachers, they were able to overcome reservations and phobias in order to achieve the targets and challenges set for them.

The geographical learning was consolidated in the ICT rooms using PowerPoint and Stop Animation packages.

After another successful, action-packed adventure, the group returned to school a little later than anticipated due a ferry cancellation – thank you to all of the parents for their understanding!

“Isle of Wight here we come
 PGL sounds lots of fun!
 Year 8 are coming to see
 Rivers, coasts and geography!
The sun will shine and the rain will pour
But we won’t miss our learning core!
The walks are tiring and so are the days
The beds are ready for us to laze!
Little Canada, what a trip
And lots of fun on the ferry ship!
Thanks for having us, we’ll see you again
Back for more, our rate: 10 out of 10″

– By Gaby, Claudia, Mhairi, Daisy and Lucy