Year 7 visit the Globe Theatre

Monday 25 July 2016

On Monday 4 July, Year 7 travelled to London to visit the heart and soul of theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe.

When we arrived at the theatre itself, the year group was divided in two. Half of the year (Group 1) went off to see the magnificent Globe theatre itself while the other half (Group 2) stayed behind in the exhibit to gather some background information on Shakespeare and his Globe Theatre.

Group 1 were treated to a tour of the Globe where they were told lots of interesting facts and information about the theatre. For example, you only used to pay one penny to stand in the pit of the Globe or you could pay 2 pennies to buy a seat. Poor people could only afford to stand in the pit and were nicknamed “groundlings”.

The top section of the Globe is called the Heavens; it is where characters are lowered down from a trapdoor onto the stage. The lower section of the stage also has a trapdoor but it is called hell where characters would enter from. Also, during a performance of Henry VIII the original Globe Theatre caught fire and burnt down. Luckily, no one was killed.

Meanwhile Group 2 were learning about the behind the scenes of Shakespeare’s plays, such as how all the blood, guts and gore went from paper to stage. They also saw costumes from plays and film adaptations in the exhibit.

After lunch the groups were taken by two actors to learn a bit more about Macbeth. After a quick game, warm up and learning, we had the goal of creating a freeze frame still image to reflect some of the scenes. We had five minutes to create these images and then studied each other’s’ freeze frame and worked out what parts of each picture represented which point in the various scenes.

Afterwards, the two groups switched and repeated each other activities. Soon after, we were reunited for a costume talk where one lucky pupil had the opportunity to dress in a typical Shakespearean costume.

Our trip to the Globe Theatre was very inspiring and thank you to our English teachers for organising this worthwhile trip.

By Connie, Year 7