Year 7 visit the Opal Coast in France

Thursday 20 July 2017

On Thursday 29 June, pupils in Year 7 enjoyed a lovely couple of days discovering the Opal Coast in France.

After waving goodbye to the white cliffs of Dover on the ferry crossing, the girls said “Bonjour” to the restaurant owners of Boulogne-sur-mer where they had a lunch of pommes de terre, fromage, poulet and oeufs. The girls had to work for their dessert by making their very own pancakes! After whipping up the eggs whites to fold into the batter, they all had a go at tossing their pancakes in the kitchen… Some more successfully than others!

Later, the group explored the old walled town before heading off to the boulangerie (the bakery). Here, they had to use their French to introduce themselves to the baker, before discovering that making the perfect croissant is actually much more difficult than it looks!

The following day, the girls were up bright and early to ensure that they got the best deals at the market and to sample some more of the local cuisine. After a hard morning’s bartering for fruit and souvenirs, they were able to take in the sea air on the beautiful beach. The girls’ final stop was the Cité Europe shopping centre where they could purchase any last minute gifts and souvenirs, many of the group sampled the delicious waffles with chocolate sauce that were on offer.

The trip was a great success, and was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to practise their French.