Year 7 visit Bletchley Park

Friday 6 March 2020

On the very snowy morning of Thursday 27 February, Year 7 went on an interactive trip to Bletchley Park. They got to see some of the original document and objects used during WW2 to crack the German codes.

Pupils learned all about Alan Turing and were able to experience and understand all the different working areas of the institute – including the well-known Enigma machines, the transport and even the names of the pigeons used to carry messages!

Our girls felt the pressures of having to crack the codes before midnight in an immersive workshop, where they had to find hidden messages using Morse codes, Caesar’s shift, pig pen and many more.

Not only this, they each used a real working Enigma machine from 1942!

Fun fact: The Enigma machine had over 17000 combinations that would take over Sextillion seconds to try – this is longer than the Earth has existed… and they were expected to crack the codes before midnight each day!