Year 7 Trip to the Dickens Museum

Tuesday 2 July 2019

On Wednesday 12 June, Year 7 went on a trip to the extraordinary Charles Dickens Museum, London. The day was really insightful as we took part in a workshop on Oliver Twist and workhouses, a guided tour through Dickens’ house and a Dickensian walk through the streets of London.

Dickens was a rich Victorian author who still remains famous today. However, we were told by the helpful tour guide that this wealthy author did not start off so fortunate. His father was an irresponsible money spender and as a result he got sent to prison for being in too much debt, so therefore Charles was forced to start working at the early age of 12 in a boot-blacking company. We also learnt that Dickens also loved to go to lavish theatres and often held grand dinner parties.

During the workshop, we also found out that Dickens was a very charitable man as he often performed extracts from his work for charities. Through his novels and articles, Dickens was trying to create awareness of typical, common Victorian issues. For example, we got shown an extract from Oliver Twist that is trying to emphasise injustice. The author felt strongly about human equality and so his mission through his books was to achieve this.

The whole year group thoroughly enjoyed the trip. A special thank you to Mr Smith, Mrs Hipson-Holder, Mrs Rochester, Mrs Miles-Kemp and Mrs Lennon for taking us.

By Ria, Year 7