Year 7 Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge

Tuesday 27 February 2018

On Thursday 22 February, Year 7 took part in the Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge. With a foam block, a set of wheels and some hooks they were tasked to make some seriously fast cars!

The pupils were split into their Clans and then divided into teams of three or four. The goal was to design, create and decorate the cars to go as fast as possible. After two hours of intense work, the girls had 13 cars ready for the track and an improved knowledge of Newton’s Second and Third Laws.

The pupils were then joined by visitors from RAF Northolt who acted as range safety officers and helped with launching the cars. Each car had an explosive start and a sudden stop at the end.

Well done to ‘B for the Bloodhounds’ (Cameron) with a winning speed of 42 mph!