Year 6 visit to Cuffley Camp Outdoor Centre

Wednesday 13 September 2017

On Monday 11 September, all of the Year 6 pupils went to Cuffley Camp Outdoor Centre. The trip focused on team building and the girls all worked in teams on four activities: problem solving, orienteering, shelter building and circus skills.

“We went to Cuffley Camp where we took part in 4 activities. The first one was shelter building, which had to be waterproof and stable.

Next, we did circus tricks. We had a trick to perform to everyone and it was very challenging!

Afterwards, we took part in team building. There were 4 activities, the first was a spider web where we had to try and climb through it without touching it.

Our final activity was orienteering where we had to find 12 stamps. I was paired up with Iris, but we didn’t manage to find all of the stamps.

I had lots of fun at Cuffley Camp because it’s all about team work!”

By Georgia, Year 6