Year 6 perform Solo Recitals

Friday 3 February 2017

On Friday 20 and 27 January, our Year 6 pupils performed a variety of wonderful solo music recitals to family and friends in the Performing Studio. The audience were treated to a mixture of different musical performances including Violin, Clarinet, Piano and Voice solos.

The performers included:

Friday 20 January:

Chloe – Flute
Madeleine R – Cello and Voice
Lucy – Cornet
Raahi – Clarinet
Charlotte G – Guitar
Kaya – Piano
Lauren – Violin and Voice
Emma L – Voice
Isabella – Violin
Madeline – Flute
Georgia and Emma H – Recorder duet

Friday 27 January:

Cerys – Flute
Philippa – Clarinet
Peta – Piano
Lily – Voice
Rose – Flute
Lois – Cello
Holly – Piano
Scarlett – Flute
Sophie – Piano
Millie – Voice
Stella – Flute
Charlotte G – Clarinet
Ethne – Voice
Cordelia – Trombone
Carmen – Piano
Madeleine B – Voice
Alice – Flute
Sophie W – Violin
Zoë – Piano
Aleyna – Voice

All of the parents and teachers really enjoyed the performances. A big well done to the girls for all their hard work and to the staff for their support.